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Seamus Donohue
Seamus Donohue “The Lightning Rod Man”

Sales and Services

Donohue’s Lightning Protection sells and installs only UL Approved Lightning Protection equipment. Jim and his family have strong ties with the the equipment manufacturer, Robbins Lightning, Inc. in Marysville, Missouri. Robbins has been the leading lightning rod manufacturer in the United States since 1904. While Robbins can supply you with everything you need to do an install of a lightning protection system, why would not leave it to a professional with forty years experience.

Donohue’s performs installs on residences, barns, gates, fences, churches, schools, fire departments and trees. Every installation is backed by the Donohue family and maintainence is included! If a violent storm causes the system harm, Donohue’s will repair free of charge. Worried about what happens if you have a new roof put on after the system has been installed? Donohue’s will return to inspect and repair the system.

Costs depend on size of the structure you wish to protect as well as its layout. Take a look and compare, you’ll find Donohue’s installed price is close to that of folks that will just sell you the equipment and then they leave it to you to do the installation.

Installing a lightning rod system on your home during construction makes it possible to conceal the cabling. Some concealing of the system can be done after construction, contact Jim at the telephone number below for more information on your particular structure. Click here to see some of the equipment.

Modern Lightning Protection System

From these Illustrations, it can be recognized that the Earth Static charges searching for an upward path during a Lightning Storm are attracted to the metal objects found in the Modern Home such as the Heating Equipment, Air Conditioning, Washers, Dryers, TV, Stoves, etc. Each metal object tends to become a Static Field ready to release the Static Charges and, consequently, adds to the Build-Up which electrifies the Building and makes it become a deadly Lightning Target.

The Installation of a “Modern Lightning Protection System” covering the entire building serves the purpose of making paths over which the Earth charges can easily travel upward to the roof of the building to be dissipated off the sharp Air Terminals, thereby eliminating a build-up of these charges which attract the Lightning Bolt. Lightning Kills over 600 American Property Owners each year and injures thousands more.

Lightning Damage costs Americans many millions of dollars annually in addition to this loss of life. The cost is So Low You Can’t Afford to Gamble with your Family’s Safety.
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