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James and his team came in and they were very professional. I was very undeducated in the ways to protect my home against lightning but The Lightning Rod Man Team made all my worries dissapear!
Kansas City, MO
I bought a brand new house and knew that I had to protect all of the expensive electronics we had throughout it, and someone referred me to the Lightning Rod Man and it was the best decision yet!
Fort Worth, TX
My wife and I heard about Jim and his team through some of our neighbors who had him set up their lightning protection systems last year. I was very hesitant at first because we'd never experienced a lightning problem before, but when a storm came through our city and ruined one of our good friends homes we knew we had to have it ASAP. Lightning Rod Man was amazing, he came immediately and stayed until the job was as good as it could get. I recommend these guys to anyone in need!
New Orleans, LA
Mr. Donohue was more than a genius when it came to lightning protection, he not only informed us of things we needed but told us why and how they were going to be of use. This put our hearts at ease, not only because we knew it was a great investment, but because we knew when a storm came around we had not one thing to worrt about.
Oklahoma City, OK